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Professional Liability

Cover Professional Services:

Social Service Professionals often require a liability policy in addition to a general liability policy. Professional liability covers liability for damages arising from errors and omissions in providing professional services, including claims and lawsuits associated with social services. This would include teaching, counseling, consulting, and related activities Psychiatrists and other physicians must have their own professional insurance.

Reasons to Consider

Small Businesses who provide social services and have staff that includes: nurses, educational professionals, veterinary professionals, adoption service employees, aides, assisted living providers, childcare workers, counselors, daycare providers, instructors, mentors, nurse assistants, psychotherapists, psychologists, resident home care providers and supervisors, social workers, therapists, and tutors.

Coverage In Action

  • Medicine Dosage Error: A nurse providing improper medicine dosage.
  • Injured child: Teacher or faculty of a nonprofit school inadvertently hurts a child while restraining a disabled or difficult student.

Common Coverage Limits

  • Various limits, typically up to $3 million in aggregate.
  • Umbrella limits typically up to $10 million.
  • Separate limits from the General Liability coverage.