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General Liability

Damage to others (third parties)

General liability is a core insurance to protects against lawsuits from third parties including accidents involving visitors, clients, or delivery people.

Your organization, your volunteers, your employees and your directors and officers should all be included
as insureds under this policy.

Reasons to Consider

  • Foundational coverage for most nonprofits.
  • Many insurance companies will not provide other coverages as standalone insurance without also have general liability in place.
  • If you hold a fundraiser or other special event, you might need this coverage to book a venue or fulfill a client contract.

Coverage In Action

  • A nonprofit runs a thrift store and mopped-up a spill, but neglected to put the mop away, and a shopper fell over the mop and hurt themselves.
  • A volunteer or employee is involved in a work-related project and damaged the property of the property owner who sued your organization to recover damages.
  • An injury that results in a volunteer’s or employees’ negligence. E.g. Dog bite at a pet rescue adoption event, due to volunteer not paying attention.

Common Coverage Limits

  • $1 million per occurrence and up to $3 million in aggregate.

Does Not cover:

Any damage for anything your nonprofit owns, or any injuries to your employees. You should contact your agent to ensure these types of injuries or damages are covered elsewhere.